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Nationwide Group of Professionals

The Mapping Network is a business organized to perform hydrographic, sediment, and UAV surveys on land, lakes and river systems for a wide range of clients throughout the United States. We operate from our office in Kansas City, Missouri along with fifteen highly trained professional companies located around the country. We provide this service for a variety of client needs including generating bathymetry, sediment, dredging, and water volume information.  The Mapping Network works directly with engineers, dredging companies, lake associations, developers and government organizations. With over 1500 completed hydrography projects, our company and personnel have been leaders in the development of technology for over a decade. 

Hydrographic Survey
Sediment|Dredging Studies
UAV Mapping
Trusted Industry Leaders

Accurate. Professional. Complete. Trusted for over 20 years.

Why Map?
Lake Management
Sedimentation Monitoring
Baseline Inventory Of Resource
Communication Tool
Construction And Excavation
Placing Of Structure
Fish Species Selection
3D Model And Swim-Throughs
Bathymtry Resources
Sub-Bottom Sediment Profiler
Why Map?
Invasive Plant Monitoring
Eradication Measurement
Communication Tool
Construction And Excavation
Aquatic Weed Control
Grass Carp Stocking
Benefits To Owners/Associations
Locate And Identify Sediment Accumulation
Save Money By Providing Contractors With Accurate Plan
Peace Of Mind Knowing All Work Is Completed To Plan
Ability To Monitor Sediment Over Time With Routine Mapping
Professional Support
Water Volume Calculations
Water Treatment And Irrigation
Watershed Management
Fisheries Management
Renovation And Cost Estimations
Aquatic Weed Control
Fertility Management
Benefits To Dredging Companies
Understand The Scope Of Work
Accurately Bid Projects With Better Information
Provide The Client With A Map To Prove Work Is Completed