The mapping Network hydrographic survey dredging watershed sediment surveying
The mapping Network hydrographic survey dredging watershed sediment surveying
Nationwide Group of Professionals

The Mapping Network is a business organized to perform hydrographic, dredging, sediment and UAV surveys on land, lakes and river systems for a wide range of clients throughout the United States. We operate from our office in Kansas City, Kansas along with highly trained professional companies located throughout the country. We provide this service for a variety of client needs including generating bathymetry, topography, sediment, dredging, and water volume information.  The Mapping Network works directly with engineer and dredging companies, lake associations, developers and government organizations. With over 3000 completed hydrography projects, our company and personnel have been leaders in the development of technology for over two decades. 

Accurate. Professional. Complete. Trusted for over 20 years.

What We Offer
Consulting | Contracting
GIS Processing and Analysis
Data Collection | Data Conversion
Hydrographic Mapping
Sediment Mapping
Sub-Bottom Profiling
What We Offer
Side Scanning Sonar Data Collection
Lake Bottom Hardness Analysis
Capacity Curve Analysis
Sediment Quantity Analysis
Geographic Information Systems
Drone | UAV Surveying
SonarWiz, Hypack & Dredgepack Data
What We Offer
Profile (Thalweg) Survey
Aerial Imagery
Remote Sensing
Professional Product Training
Expert Legal Witness for Disputes
Why Use Us?
USACOE and IHO Compliant
State of the Art Equipment
Proprietary Technologies
Nationwide Network of Professionals
Over 3000+ projects completed
Flexible solutions provided
Quality focused service & training
Benefits To Water Management
Water Management Decision Tool
Locate & Identify Sediment Accumulation
Identify Dangerous & Shallow Areas
Save Money
Provide Contractors an Accurate Plan
Peace Of Mind
Knowing Work Is Completed
Baseline Inventory of Resources
Pipeline & Scour Mapping
Benefits To Dredging
Understand The Scope Of Work
Accurately Bid Projects With Better Information
Provide The Client With A Map To Prove Work Is Completed
DredgePack Navigation Files
Sedimentation Rate Monitoring
Engineer-grade Hydrographic Surveys
Bathymetric Models
Pre & Post Dredge Mapping