New York Lake Mapping Project

The Mapping Network and lake mapping partner, The Pond Connection, have teamed up to map a lake for community lake in Westchester County, New York.   The primary purpose of the lake mapping project was to locate ideal places for fish structure and to make other habitat improvements.  Understanding the true nature of the lake bottom will allow biologists to maximize the fishery for lake residents.  Also, during the lake survey large boulders and rock walls were identified and noted for safety purposes.

Contour map generated by The Mapping Network for a Lake in New York.

Located in Newtown, Connecticut, The Pond Connection is a full service pond and lake management company. They have been servicing clients in the New York Tri-State area for nineteen years. The Pond Connection offers many long term and natural solutions for problem lakes and ponds.

How The Pond Connection Utilizes Lake Mapping…

Cost effective management of a lake or pond requires a thorough understanding of the aquatic resource. It is critical to know the exact acreage, depths and water volume of a lake to make the right management decisions, including fish species selection, stocking densities, habitat placement, algae and aquatic weed control, and lake dredging requirements. Our 3D map of your pond or lake will provide the information needed for optimal enhancement, maintenance and enjoyment.

In addition to our primary pond and lake mapping services (i.e., the contour and 3D formats), we also offer comprehensive and detailed mapping of bottom sediment. The sediment map, which illustrates site-specific sediment depths and volumes, can be used to construct accurate lake dredging plans. For specialized needs, we can also map various features of the resource. These may include, but not limited to, aquatic vegetation beds, wetlands, streams, irrigation canals, inlet and outlet features, dam facilities, habitat structures, boat ramps and fishing piers. These features can be added to each type of map, depending upon the client’s needs. Our specialized lake mapping service provides the detailed, accurate information landowners and property managers need to maximize their lakes’ potential.

Clients can choose to receive various formats of maps, including high quality printed maps and large wall maps. Using highly specialized equipment, our certified technicians collect data in the field, which are then analyzed and processed by professional GIS specialists; using the best available printing equipment and media.

Services and Products Provided By The Pond Connection:

  • Lake and Pond Consultation
  • Seasonal Maintenance Contracts
  • Full Service Sales and Installation Distributor for:
  • Aqua-Master Fountains Aerators
  • Kasco Marine Aeration Equipment
  • Keeton Solar  Aeration Systems
  • Otterbine Fountains and Aerators
  • Biological Controls for Ponds and Lakes
  • Herbicide and Algaecide Treatments
  • Federal and State Aquatic Permitting
  • Lake Mapping
  • Dredging Permits and Dredging
  • Invasive Plants Control
  • Buffer Zone Planting and Maintenance
  • Irrigation Water Testing
  • Swimming Pond and Lake Water Testing
  • Fish Stocking and Population Management
  • Pond and Lake Electro Shocking
  • Marina Slip De-Icers
  • Pond and Lake Draw Downs
  • Life Line Safety Equipment
  • EZ-docks
  • Pro-Skim Skimmers
  • FWM docks
  • Water testing
  • Triploid Grass Carp
  • LED Pond and Water Feature Lighting
  • Seasonal Aerator / Fountain Removal, Storage and Spring Start-Up

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phone: 1-800-305-3277



The Pond and Lake Connection
The Pond and Lake Connection
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