Bathymetry Mapping in St. Louis, Missouri

Using a GPS Lake Map to Create Management Plan

Jim Darlington, President of Leisure Ponds, mapped a series of small ponds in the St. Louis area for a commercial property management company.
Each lake was approximately 2 acres and had shown warning signs of significant sedimentation.  GPS Lake mapping was conducted on site to reveal the true lake depths of the ponds.  In addition to the bathymetric survey, sedimentation depths were collected and a model of sedimentation levels was created to estimate the volume of sludge in the lake. This information provided the baseline depth profile needed for long-term sedimentation monitoring and dredging plans.  The mapping techniques utilized in this project allows Leisure Ponds to accurately isolate areas of high sedimentation for removal and help lake managers budget accordingly.

Lake map showing 3D color shaded depths. Shallow areas are located for sedimentation analysis
Leisure Ponds specializes in improving the functional and aesthetic value of urban problem ponds.  For more information on Lake Mapping and Management in the St. Louis area please contact:
Jim Darlington
Leisure Ponds
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GPS Lake Map on YouTube Video

GPS Bathymetric Lake Map

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