Engineers Select Local Bathymetric Lake Mapping Expert

Virginia Lake Management provided a bathymetric lake mapping survey for a lake in Virginia.  Engineers recently performed a flood study on the dam and found the spillway insufficient.  While preparing an engineering report to propose upgrade options the only bathymetric data available was hand collected in the 1950’s.  As a local expert on bathymetric mapping, Virgina Lake Management was able to conduct an accurate, up-to-date lake depth map for the engineer’s report.  This new lake survey will provide the precise lake depths needed to create the best dam upgrade options.   In addition, the data from the new survey will assist engineers in determining the amount of volume reduction achieved if the decision is made to lower the lake level a few feet.
More information on Virginia Lake Management can be found on their website:
Kevin Tucker is the president of Virginia Lake Management Company, specializing in pond and lake management.  VLM also controls pond management interests in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina.
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Color-Shaded Depth Map of a lake mapped by Virginia Lake Management

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GPS Lake Map

GPS Bathymetric Lake Mapping

For the best results in mapping, it’s best to consult with a lake management company equipped with the very latest in GPS mapping technology.  Along with standard contour maps, The Mapping Network creates virtual media solutions on YouTube including a fly-over video and virtual underwater virtual swim-through.  With this knowledge, you can add layers of depth to the information you seek to maintain a beautiful lake.