GPS Lake Bathymetry Maps Invasive Vegetation Growth Areas

GPS Lake Mapping Saves Time and Money by Accurately Locating Problem Areas

It is critical to know the exact acreage and depth range of your lake to make sound management decisions in the battle against invasive aquatic vegetation.  Understanding exactly where to apply treatment not only saves time and money but more importantly provides a better opportunity to control aggressive, non-native  aquatic plant life.  Precision GPS lake mapping conducted by The Mapping Network utilizes highly accurate procedures and equipment for data collection.  Utilizing sub-foot accurate GPS units and hydro-acoustic depth-sounding equipment, our team logs data points for extremely accurate location mapping.  Hydro-acoustic depth sounding equipment measures depth with unparalleled accuracy.  Our clients are able to accurately isolate zones where invasive vegetation is likely to occur or is currently growing.  Proper management decisions provided by local lake management professionals will assist in controlling or elevation unwanted aquatic vegetation.

A GPS Bathymetric Lake Map and Depth Isolation Survey by The Mapping Network will help optimize your efforts to control invasive aquatic vegetation in your lake or pond.  Please contact us for more information on how this service can assist you in managing your aquatic resource.

Depth Isolation
This map highlights depths up to 8 feet where invasive aquatic vegetation can grow.

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GPS Lake Map

GPS Bathymetric Lake Map