Kansas City HOA Lake Map Project

The Mapping Network and Absolute Natural Resources teamed up for a mapping project on the western edge of Kansas City, Kansas.  The client, a Home Owner Association, requested the creation of a detailed property and lake map which will then be distributed throughout the community.  Mapping the lake on the property allows for proper management of largemouth bass, crappie, blue gill and catfish populations by knowing exact depths and acreage for stocking densities and vegetation control.  Over 30 sediment depth samples were also collected in the field and placed on a separate map.  The maps are a handy tool for families and guests to the community by showing all trails and fishing hot spots.

Absolute Natural Resources provides extensive land and habitat GPS mapping services involving the use of complex data collection methods, state of the art GIS and GPS technology and satellite imagery.  Absolute Natural Resources offers a variety of mapping services and products for real estate professionals, private landowners, fishing and hunting clubs, habitat and lake developers, hunting lease managers, timber management firms, and recreational land companies.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Absolute Natural Resources has the experience to handle mapping projects in the steep terrain of the Rocky Mountains to the gentle hills of the Great Plains region.  Common client requests include, but are not limited to, aquatic vegetation beds, wetlands, streams, irrigation canals, inlet and outlet features, dam facilities, habitat structures, boat ramps, fishing piers, duck blinds, waterfowl nests and site-specific channels.

More information on Absolute Natural Resources, LLC can be found on their website:  www.anrwildlife.com

Aerial map showing lake depths, trails, and other features of the lake community

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