NPDES is Here – Pond Owners and Managers Take Notice!

SOLitude Lake Management reminds pond and lake owners to follow the new NPDES permit rules…

After many years of judicial and legislative battling, the NPDES permit for aquatic pesticide applications has been finalized and went into effect on October 31, 2011and there is a high probability that this new permit will directly affect you and your pond. NPDES stands for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, and it is the primary federal legislation that regulates point source pollution to the waters of the U.S. Although aquatic pesticide applications were previously exempt from this permitting requirement, recent judicial reinterpretation of the law has mandated that the residues resulting from these applications should be regulated within the same framework as other water pollutants. So basically, if you own or manage a property with a pond, then you will be responsible for making sure that all pesticide applications related to the pond meet the requirements of the new permit. Some of the activities that will be regulated under this permit include algae and weed treatments in the water, shoreline vegetation control, and mosquito control. And the most important part of this new law is that as a decision maker or financier for the applications, you are just as liable for permit compliance as the applicator. SŌLitude Lake Management utilizes a specialized lake management software program to manage our application data, and many facets of permit compliance are already part of our daily operations. We will work with our clients and our industry partners to ensure that all of our operations are compliant with the permit requirements, and can provide consulting services for any operator in the development of a NPDES Pesticide General Permit compliance program

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