The Mapping Network and Golf Course / Athletic Field Construction Specialist Team Up

The Mapping Network has developed a proprietary process to derive accurate cut and fill calculations utilizing existing digital design (CAD) and the architects proposed design.  Mid-America Golf and Landscape, a Kansas City based Golf Course and Athletic field construction company, has been utilizing this service for several years.  A great benefit of having a digital golf course map is the instant access to area calculations of all course features.  During the bidding process, having access to extremely accurate area measurements and square footages of tees, greens, fairways, sand traps, water, rough, and cart paths allows Mid-America Golf and Landscape to develop an accurate bid.  The Mapping Network also has the capability to accurately calculate cut/fill calculations for the entire course, or hole by hole.  This process allows the contractor to visualize where significant amounts of dirt will be moved, and assists in determining the shortest distance to transfer a load of soil. This can be a crucial money saver for  the owner.

Dirt Quantity Analysis for a golf course renovation in Florida. Areas of red are cuts and blue areas require fill

Mid-America Golf and Landscape is a GCBAA certified full service golf course contractor dedicated to Creating the Total Golf Experience. They have turned the dreams and plans of our public and private sector clients into reality through:

  • New golf course construction
  • Full golf course construction feature renovations
  • Golf course drainage and irrigation installation only projects
  • Athletic field construction

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