Virginia Lake Bathymetry Project

The Mapping Network and SŌLitude Lake Management® recently completed a lake mapping project for a homeowners association in Virginia. The client requested the creation of a detailed lake map for understanding true depths, volume analysis, and identify areas needed for dredging. SŌLitude Lake Management® staff measured sludge depth points in the field and marked them a GPS for placement on the map. The maps will be used to generate a lake management plan for water conservation and future dredging.

SŌLitude Lake Management® (formerly Virginia Lake Management) just received the 2010 Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. Kevin Tucker, President of SŌLitude Lake Management®, says “we are proud to have affiliated ourselves with such an incredibly talented group of aquatic professionals, and look forward to many more years of quality service to our clients utilizing the techniques that have been developed and implemented by this amazing group.” For more details, check out their lake mapping services page:

SŌLitude Lake Management®
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Professional lake map generated by SŌLitude Lake Management® and The Mapping Network

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