A Year of Flooding – How it Effects Your Lake

With the current Missouri River flooding disaster and earlier Mississippi River flooding occurring through much of the middle of the country we are hearing a lot about terms like cubic feet per second, carrying capacity, inflow, outflows, surcharge, and US Army Corps of Engineers flood inundation maps.   There is obviously considerable loss of  property and the length and scale of this disaster are yet to be known.

As rivers (both large and small) increase levels and change course there are extremely high amounts of sediment being moved by the flooding.  If you live on a lake that is fed by a creek or river, there is a high need to monitor and map out sediment accumulation.

Here at The Mapping Network, we specialize in accurately mapping bodies of water, calculating the water volume, collecting sediment depth samples at critical areas and monitoring the distribution of sediment over time.  We have a nationwide group of professionals specializing in all facets of lake management.   If you are serious about maintaining  a high-quality lake or pond, be sure you have the ability to make the best decisions,  get your lake mapped by the professionals at The Mapping Network.   Give us a call or send an e-mail to find out more details.

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Map displaying sediment depths with color-shading to vizualize the areas of high sedimentation.
Map displaying sediment depths with color-shading to visualize the areas of high sedimentation.
Locations of sediment depth points collected. Each cover where a creek entered the lake was surveyed for sedimentation. The results of this project will assist lake managers in creating dredging plans.