Top Recreational Experts Choose The Mapping Network

Chris Bober Uses The Mapping Network for Recreational Real Estate

By Chris Bober, Sales Associate for Premier Outdoor Properties licensed in Nebraska and Kansas


One of the greatest services I can provide to buyers and sellers with is a comprehensive view of recreational property. Premier Outdoor Properties has a distinct advantage because we have a unique affiliation with The Mapping Network, a nationwide group of professionals who provide the highest quality and most affordable bathymetric and land mapping products on the market today.

The Mapping Network

The Mapping Network collects data and creates maps for properties that can give the landowners we work with the latest mapping and analysis technology. They offer aquatic services that highlight the dynamics of lake property as well as improving habitat or designing a plan for building a lake or pond. They help us by highlighting the best assets of our listings and by using their innovative products to create specific maps to display to potential buyers.

As a partner with their company, some of the properties that we map can even be put on their website as an added referral network for your property. They provide us with the best services, which we then pass onto you. If you are looking to buy or sell recreational property, Premier Outdoor Properties, myself, and the Mapping Network can provide mapping services to highlight a property’s best qualities and unique attributes.

Thank you Steve Bartosh and Tyler Van Meeteren for helping me highlight your services. They have done countless maps for me in the past and have helped pave the way to making buyers extremely gratified and sellers exceptionally satisfied.

Check out an example map on the Premier Outdoor Properties Website

Remember sometimes experiencing the outdoors means knowing everything a property has to offer. The Mapping Network combined with Premier Outdoor properties can give you that information. Experiencing the Outdoors has never been more precise.

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