Bathymetry Validates Dredging Project

3D GPS Bathymetric Lake Mapping verifies Dredging Project
Arlington, Texas – Trent Lewis with Pond Medics, Inc. completed a bathymetric survey in conjunction with a golf course management company and a dredging company to verify appropriate sediment removal was achieved during a dredging project.  Pond Medics, a lake mapping partner with The Mapping Network, charted the bottom of the lake before and after the dredging project to monitor the improvements.  This information provides peace of mind to the owner and also validates work completed by the contractor, so the lake map benefits both parties.  Not only was the management team of the golf course able to verify the work had been completed according to plan but they now have a basemap to  monitor sediment accumulation in the future.  Many golf courses require accurate volume numbers for their ponds because of heavy irrigation. Periodic GPS bathymetric mapping provides this critical volume information and monitors potential areas of sediment or nuisance aquatic vegetation.

GPS Lake Map of golf course pond after dredging was completed

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