Bathymetry Partner Spotlight: PondMedics

PondMedics Incorporated is the complete source for your pond and lake needs in Texas and Oklahoma.  In addition to managing private fisheries, controlling aquatic vegetation and the typical lake management services, PondMedics also offers engineering services specifically for ponds and lakes.  Setting themselves apart from other pond and lake management companies, PondMedics Incorporated is a State of Texas registered Civil Engineering firm specializing in limnology, bathymetry, hydraulics and hydrology to help you design, engineer and renovate your pond or lake.  PondMedics’ strategic partnership with The Mapping Network allows them to offer lake mapping technology to clients for a wide variety of uses.  In just the past year, GPS Lake Mapping completed by PondMedics has saved clients over $100,000 in unnecessary engineering and dredging costs.  The diversity of services focuses on the holistic approach to managing ponds and lakes, ensuring their sustainability for future generations.
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Trent Lewis
phone: (972) 334-0104

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