Certified Member: Overton Fisheries

Overton Fisheries, Inc. Texas Fish Farm and Fish Hatchery is conveniently located on the I-45 service road between Buffalo and Centerville.  We offer a great variety of sport and forage fish for stocking in Texas lakes and ponds. Our certified biologists and technicians service a broad area with pond and lake management services like pond/lake mapping, complete fish population surveys, vegetation control, and custom management plans and programs. A high quality bathymetric lake or pond map provides accurate and useful information for property owners. Knowing your aquatic surface acreage, water volume, and bathymetric layout is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, a map provides the tool for labeling structures, marking your hotspots, safely and accurately navigating you, your friends, and guests, developing vegetation management plans, figuring sedimentation depths for renovation projects, and advertising real estate.
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Todd Overton

phone: (903) 322-2626
e-mail:  todd@overtoncentral.com
website:  www.overtonfisheries.com