Pond Medics, Inc Uses Lake Mapping Technology To Save Homeowner Association 50% From Original Dredging Bids

For lake associations or landowners undertaking a significant lake or pond renovation project, having an accurate map is essential for effective sediment removal.  Dredging companies and their clients benefit from knowing where and how much sediment needs to be removed to achieve the desired results.  This knowledge is made clear by having the lake professionally mapped.  Trent Lewis with Pond Medics, Inc. (Prosper, TX) put this technology to use for a client, in this case a lake association in Dallas, Texas.  The board of directors had a cove on the lake which had filled in with so much sediment that homeowners were unable to launch their boats.  The association wanted to achieve a minimum depth of three feet to allow boats to travel through without worry.  Originally bids were acquired by three contractors but the association became confused when the bids ranged from $170,000 to $210,000 for sediment removal.  Mr. Lewis suggested a solution where the lake would be mapped and sediment measurements taken to create a comprehensive base map for the dredging companies to hone their bids.  The result allowed the board of directors the ability to fine-tune the bids and the entire project was completed for $92,000.  The lake was then re-mapped upon completion of the dredging to verify sediment had been removed.  Mr. Lewis said the board was extremely thankful for having the ability to accurately map their lake and as a result the association was able to save nearly 50% off the original cost for the dredging project.
Benefits to Association

  • Locate and identify areas to be dredged
  • Save time and money by providing contractors with accurate plan
  • Peace of mind knowing all work is completed to plan
  • Ability to monitor sediment over time with routine mapping

Benefits to Dredging Company

  • Understand the scope of work
  • Accurately bid projects with better information
  • Provide the client with a map to prove work is completed
More information on Pond Medics, Inc. can be found at their website: www.pondmedics.com