Lake Bathymetry Used to Place Fish Habitat Structure

Lake Bathymetry was performed by Tony Byrne with Absolute Natural Resources, LLC (ANR) for a homeowner in the Denver, Colorado area.  The purpose of this project was to create a base map of lake depths and locate ideal places to install new fish habitat structure.  The initial step included the data collection for the contour map which was then examined by aquatic biologists at ANR to narrow down prime placement of the new structure.  Once the structure was placed in the field, GPS coordinates were captured and labeled on the map allowing the owner precise locations of his new fishing hot spots.
The finished project included a Bathymetric Lake Map with 3D Color-shaded depths and contour map with precise GPS locations of all 11 fish habitat structures.

Lake Contour map showing newly installed fish habitat structure - each with precise GPS coordinates

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GPS Lake Map

GPS Bathymetric Lake Map