Bathymetry and a Creative Design Saves Community Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Chicago Area Company uses Technology to Save Community Significant Money

A reserve study at a local eco-friendly community said that the community needed to save over a half million dollars over a 30 year period for a future dredging project due to increased sedimentation from storm water runoff.  This was based on a 2005 bathymetric study performed by Integrated Lakes Management.  This subdivision  is a very environmentally conscious and developed a treatment train to route its stormwater through prairies, swales and wetlands.  Most of the sediment likely washed in with the initial construction and has decreased significantly due to the treatment train.  A new bathymetric mapping survey conducted in 2009, utilizing the Mapping Network’s technology, revealed there was no net gain of sediment in the lake within the four year period!  This verification by bathymetric survey saved the community  hundreds of thousands of dollars by not assuming sedimentation had occurred thus mobilizing a dredging project that in the end was not necessary.  Part of the ongoing management plan is to map the lake every year to monitor sediment levels over time.  For more information on how Integrated Lakes Management utilizes GPS lake mapping and other conservation techniques please call or send an e-mail.
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